The ‘secrets’ of all day mindfulness


Many people are aware of thoughts but many less of feelings. I’m not always talking about feelings in a verbal way like “i feel sad”, its more about physical sensations so I’ll make it clear where needed.

How its done

To use mindfulness you use your attention, your awareness. This means different things to different people so I’ll give some other names for it;

  • Inner focus
  • Minds eye
  • Imagination
  • Self awareness

Whatever you call it, that’s what you need, that’s the weapon you’ll use ok. I’ll call it mindful attention because its scientific sounding enough but whatevs.

Like any weapon you may well want to take time to become familiar and knowledgeable with it before you pick it up as It’s a powerful weapon indeed & deserves respect!

It’s usually best to become proficient with it slowly & naturally. Start with the closest targets and the push yourself for further. Here are a few main target areas easiest to hardest;

The Body

Right now, using your mindful attention alone, ‘look’ at your foot. You don’t need to close your eyes, just bring your full mindful attention there and keep ‘looking’. Congratulations you just meditated. It’s that easy.

Bringing your whole mental energy to one place in the here and now is meditation which means the same thing as the modern term mindfulness & you’ve used that skill a thousand times in your life just unconsciously, automatically.

To become a meditation master the first step is bringing that skill to full consciousness and actively practice it daily. Before we can go deep we have to start shallow so practice bringing attention to different places around your body whenever you remember, It’s excellent practice stuff and will strengthen your meditation muscles.

The Thoughts

Mindful attention directed towards the head will start to pick up on your inner thought train. Thought train is an excellent term to describe what must be exactly that for many people. A train of thoughts, one linked to the next and the preceding endlessly and ongoing. At least that’s how it’ll start for you most likely.

Eventually, hanging around with full mindfulness on the head for long enough, will show you that your thoughts actually have gaps between them! We’ll go into more on the significance of that in later posts but remember for now that it is in these gaps, that you will make bigger, that you’ll set up camp and build your entire inner meditation empire from within.

You need a clear bit of mental space to build on, what better place than the gap between your thoughts, its empty!

Thought gap spotting let alone widening is advanced stuff. You will no doubt have plenty of other thought based things to keep you busy too.

Looking at your thoughts and not lying to yourself are the two crucial things needed now as you dive into and amongst your actual thoughts.

Practice watching your thoughts and some of the negative things you’ll see will be your;

  • Fears
  • Predjudices
  • Fakeness
  • Hidden agendas
  • Two Facedness
  • Jealousy
  • Bitterness
  • Anger

The list goes on…..Can you see why people have had a hard time getting this across to people in the past? I can, who really wants to look at themselves to see these things?

But I know times are changing, people are getting braver and smarter. This process will take anybody with the smallest hint of theses qualities and payout according to the efforts they effort put into it.

The effort required is mindful effort focused onto such thoughts, hard, whenever they’re noticed. Don’t ask me why, leave that to the scientists, but focused mindful attention, over sustained periods, burns away outdated thought patterns, which changes you bigtime and for the better oh yeh!

We’ll look deeper into that another time.


Last and by no means least are feelings. Like I said i’m refering to physical sensations in the body here ok guys.

Anxiety produces big physical sensations in the body which is actually really helpful as they are like glaring beacons to anyone who knows about the power of inner mindful attention. Lighthouses constantly signalling their location.

Feelings left unchecked, unrecognized and unprocessed will trigger off many negative thoughts in the mind which will in turn intensify the feelings in a circle of viciousness.

Rip the spokes out of that circle by homing in on the physical sensations within your body, most often in the chest or stomach areas.

Find, seek, destroy!

At least that’s what you’ll be like when you first learn this skill! in time you learn to mellow with it but for now, go have fun and do the following to strike back effectively against inner BS.

Notice negative thoughts and bring your mindful attention to your body, like an eagle above waiting for the first hint of movement. Not all negative thoughts will give you physical feelings, we’re looking for the big deals that set off all that crap you feel inside.

Notice and then immediately swoop right down above it, wherever it is inside.and set up camp just back from it a little, you just turned into an inner hyena or whatever so keep watch and be ready to do some watchful allowing.

Breath a little deeper now, your probably shallow breathing. Breath, look, watch, allow, feel that physical feeling & stick around for a while, process it for God’s sake you’ll get it.

The same focused inner mindful attention that melted away your outdated thoughts will do the same for your inner inbox of unfelt feelings. Do it until you are free of yourselves and come join me, i’m lonely over here x

More another day, or sooner who knows

Peter Cole MAX Mindfulness






Children’s Anytime Mindfulness Hacks=====ages 0-15

Dare we? Is it possible that we could teach our children a mindfulness practice they could use anytime, anyplace?

Could it be taught in a way devoid of the confusion and ritual that actually captures their attention and fires their imagination?

Can it be ‘installed’ without causing stress or upset?


I suppose your wondering if they could hack it?

I’m still having fun with this whole hacking concept. Many’ll frown at the cheek of ‘mindfulness hacks’ and probably even more so for children’s but that is quite literally their problem, we should probably give them some mindful space to ‘do them’ a minute.

We’ll go over here

Yes kids can hack mindfulness into their lives too. Here’s the adults version mindfulness hacks P1 & P2

I am of course stretching out on a limb claiming this as my mindfulness experiments with my kids are hardly decades old but stretch I will. They can. Yours can too. Here’s how.

Take your time

Lets call this rule number one. No forcing. I imagine kids have had this stuff forced into them before but the age of force is over.

Its was one of our pre-requisites to not cause stress or upset and taking our time is the best way of upholding that. Remember that kids pretty much come into this world ok. In fact they come in more than ok don’t they? They come into this world with everything they need and only start losing it when our primitive cultures infect them with malware,

Mindfulness removes malware.

That’s why you’re giving children these skills, keeping with the computer analogy you’re upgrading them to no ads, a paid service if you will.

Children have limited bandwidth so be sure to trickle download the ‘hacks’ we’ll be considering further on, you don’t want them to crash.

//joke format terminated//

Space    Birth to Forever

Not the easiest for all parents this one, I know I’ve under-performed in this area. Space is allowing your child to feel a certain way and while not indulging it or bringing undue atttention to it, letting it exist.

It’s a good opportunity to indirectly teach them the allowing and noticing of such things. Let them express themselves as much as you can handle. It’s better for them that way and will serve all very well for the future.

Do these kids realize what they’re doing?  ages 5-9

In time I have no doubt the hacks for how to bring mindfulness to the younger children will define better but for now I have something that will do the trick.

When you’re dealing with children aged 5-9, I don’t care who you are and I include myself in this, you should probably really know what you’re doing before trying anything fancy with them. A knowledgeable lady informed me the other day that this is a delicate time psychologically. Tread carefully, like really carefully. Or just leave it till you know what you’re doing yourself, remember the YES’s and avoid mental messes!

As I said, for now just getting them to slowly learn to look at themselves and their actions is fine. Subtle, gentle and playful are obviously the prime routes to upholding those promises. Think Supernanny, I imagine she’d learn how to teach it to them well in time.

If you can do it, you’ll find them well primed for some very simple, yet very powerful mindfulness concepts, one of which my daughter, age 9, just swung her head round the other day.

Be it or see it

Super duper basic really but I’ve only ‘tested this on one kid so far, one who’s ‘trained’ to look at her self and her actions just that bit more than’s usual. I’m saying that because she took the following concept in a way that dropped all those YES’s bing, bing, bing, bing into place, I could see it in her face, eyes and actions. She got it and got it good. Don’t know if it’s because she’s primed for it, I’m just glad she is!

She gets real angry and annoyed with people and events sometimes as we all do. After a few heavy days of this emotional weather, I threw her a concept.

I told her the difference between a meditator and a non-meditator.

  • A non-meditator gets angry or annoyed and focuses all their energy on venting…outwards.
  • A meditator gets angry or annoyed and focuses all of their energy on looking…inwards

.She can either BEcome anger or SEE anger by looking at it. It comes across a little dry through text, the reality was much sweeter, as I said, she got it. Excellent further priming, I’ll leave that a while to ride with her, no forcing remember.

Getting older  10-15

We’re in easier territory and such concepts can soon start to be swung all over the place in this gradually more conversationally free flowing age zone.

Naysayers? Come on! Kids at this age are sponges and get bombarded with all manner of questionable concepts from many socially acceptable, common place sources everyday. No ones going to tell me that some mindfulness concepts are going to worsen or harm (within normal circumstances) any kid, its quite the opposite actually.

If you can again, be very natural with your teaching, teach them matter-of-fact about people, thoughts and feelings. What they’re about and where they come from  What to do with them and how to do it  If you don’t know the concepts. my sites full of them. Well worth the time you’ll find.

These concepts, if timely and effectively presented, will see your offspring becoming rather overarmed for the battle of life, I kid you not.

Peter Cole   MAX Mindfulness


All Day Mindfulness Hack====Backdoor Training Method p2

Part one of this can be found here and is recommended pre-reading for anyone wanting to hack the outrageously powerful skill of All Day Mindfulness practice (ADM) into their life – starting today.

For those of you that would rather bin this article before doing any pre-reading relax, the idea is as simple as you are 🙂 please read on.

When-ever & Where-ever 

All Day Mindfulness means having the ability to meditate/be-mindful at anytime during the day. Traditionally, to become an anytime meditator, students spend their days training their ever-wandering minds back into the here and now, using their own ever changing bodily actions as a focal point for their mental attention which effectively grounds it within the moment. Not for long though, never for long.

It personally took me many, many years to build the mental strength to just be able to do this for maybe a period of 5 days before quitting from exhaustion with often many months of time elapsing before trying again. Different people will able to do different amounts a day, It’s mainly down to whether it comes natural to you, it didn’t come natural to me at all.

A day spent practicing it can be pretty frustrating, I remember that well. Memories like that have gotten me thinking that perhaps there’s a more effective way for people to install the ability and just so you know, you really do want the ability, its unbeatable!

Can we hACkTUALLY  reverse engineer mindfulness practice?

I’m sure some seasoned meditators will smile at my wording when I say we can reverse engineer all day meditation into your life (starting today) but we surely can. It took me maybe 12-13 years of my 15 year journey into mindfulness to really understand what meditation/mindfulness was doing to me and why.

Putting the fullness of my time into a nutshell, I see that mindfulness gets rid of inner, personal issues/problems/crap/disorders or whatever it is that YOU call them.

If you don’t meditate, chances are you have some to many to millions of these problems and that you hate them. Starting today, if you’re smart, you’ll be able to see that each is an opportunity. They’re an opportunity to rid yourself of something that’s long wanted rid of you anyway & they’re simultaneously an opportunity to use, sharpen and strengthen your mindful awareness skills.

You can ‘cheat’ ADM into your life by actually using your awareness whenever it is needed the most, like the times when you’re hurting from anger, stress, jealousy etc.

You’re ‘cheating’ because whenever you use your awareness against these problems, you are also of course meditating. As these problems arise at whenever-o’clock during the day, you are indeed ‘cheating’ All Day Meditation into your life because you be doing little bits of mindfulness, hard mindfulness too, at many different times during the day

To reiterate this approach lets you;

  • Remove long standing, unwanted behaviors straight out of the gates
  • Clock up mindfulness airmiles as you do it. Basically your mental focus sharpens and your mental stamina increases.

Truth, Courage and Firm Grounding


This approach’s benefits don’t stop there. One of the biggest meditation prerequisites is never lying to yourself. As you’ll also be using my hack method of going directly to your physical feelings when dealing with your inner personal problems( as you read in the pre-read ) your advantaged.

Self deniers will find this approach better for them because its pretty hard to deny a physical feeling unless you’re really trying not to, or you’re not trying enough. Deniers are allowed!


The other biggy meditation prerequisite. Again it’s hackable if you haven’t got much of it. If you want to build courage, you use your anxiety or fear feelings as your awareness targets/opportunities and you follow what we talked about in the pre-read.Do it and you’ll find your fears and anxiety rapidly dropping and confidence appearing in its place. Simple as that with no better or more effective way of doing it.

Firm Grounding

We mentioned earlier that ADM practitioners use their bodies movements as attentional focal points, watching themselves move around helps keep their minds focus in the now.

Bodily movement is not as watchable a sight as your inner problems will be and you may very well find yourself far to busy to think how bored you are and how much hard work it feels like when you’re meditating for your life!

When you’re using mindfulness against hurtful thoughts and feelings the hours don’t half fly by! AIRMILES, RESULTS AND AIRMILES

So I can really start this today?

Yes, very much. Read the pre-read, re-read this one. Pick one of your recurring problems;

  • Stress
  • Anger
  • Jealousy
  • Fear
  • Anxiety
  • Homesickness

There are many more than this, just pick one that you know crops up a lot in your particular week, you know you best right?  Pick a prob and turn each occurrence of it into a hard fought beachhead full of mindful awareness, stick you nose right in.

In time your week will be dotted with these little islands of awareness and you’ll be in position to start joining those dots together!

One thing at a time. Go and start now

Peter Cole    MAX Mindfulness


Entrepreneurs that use All Day Mindfulness cannot lose

Ok,so its not like I have a load of evidence to hand over to you…you’ll have to give me a minute to type it first. That article title isn’t even half as bold as an entrepreneur using mindfulness during their day would be so lets be bold too.

For those unaware, All Day Mindfulness is also referred to as informal meditation as Its unplanned and often practiced on the move. Its in no way as difficult as it sounds and its done for some very logical reasons that we’ll go through now.

In the most basic terms, meditations overall goal seems to be to remove things inside of us that are actually ready to go & are no longer needed, namely old thought patterns and trapped feelings. They’re quite literally cluttering up your insides & that’s when they’re not actively attacking you ( signalling your attention for removal) they’ve got to go right?


Thoughts and feelings are roaming wild inside of us all day long. 

Gee…I wonder if we dropped into meditation whenever and wherever those problem feelings & thoughts popped up, wouldn’t we be then really giving the process our all? Genuinely moving to face ourselves as we really are, weary and under pressure or whatever other state we’re in. States never heard of in that quiet old meditation spot back home, but states that show all there is about us, should we care to look.

No ones dictating how quickly anyone should be moving. My concerns are more about how many people will quit their formal meditation practice, unconvinced from a perceived lack of results. You won’t get many who properly try ADM not getting results. Its a most excellent way to really introduce people into meditation as results can start appearing  as soon as several focused days of correctly applied effort later.  Get your students some visible results and you’ll never need convince them again.

Yeh yeh yeh now tell me about this unstoppable entrepreneur 

I may have only just begun on the road to becoming an entrepreneur but my mindfulness is well tied in as you’ll see.

Let me start by saying that its true, an entrepreneur does have to be able to handle fear, you’re gonna get it in the neck for real, especially during times of great uncertainty.

Once its in,it can spread throughout your whole body, effectively also spreading through your whole day.

.As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, I have managed to mindfully remove fear from my life, completely. I  trained myself to live & operate my from within the present moment by repeatedly returning my wandering train of thought back into present reality & keeping it there by focusing it onto my bodily actions and making it follow them effectively forcing it to stay in the moment to be able to comply.

Being present and in the moment meant I was ready and available to deal with any feeling of fear that surfaced, each & every day until the one day it didn’t bother showing up at all!

And it stayed away…

Until last week actually, about the same time I quit my job to pursue my mindfulness career. To reiterate, my fear disappeared about a year or so a go. Last week was the first time I’ve had any difficulty with it since then. That should give you a little insight into just how scary entrepreneurial life is and an idea to how hard it’d be without having any fear dealin tools to protect you.

Whats that? You’ll brave it out? If there was no other option that’d be the fairest way but there is very much an option. Remember that its not just the fact that fear makes you feel bad and that you’re able to just take it. The bigger problems in the distraction and the negative knock on effects, complimentary with the fear experience & everything an entrepreneur doesn’t need.

Only way is to do it properly & go inside to remove fear from the roots!

Some fear driven feelings, like the ones I tamed last week, are much stronger&complex feelings with traces of other human emotions holding them together.

So What!

It doesn’t matter how exotic and complicated the feeling is because you only have to feel it, not think it, its easy!

While we’re at it do remember the thought hack When you move attention straight to your feelings& then into the state of total feeling, you’ll find there’s insufficient attentional energy left to be able to power up the minds whining gob! Good!

Basically if you’re feeling, you’re can’t really be thinking & you’ll be both shutting up what needs to rest (the mind)while attending to that which must be heard (feeling). Anytime your body wants to give you a problem, you’ll get it through feelings. Anyone who can deal with their feelings therefore is not going to have many problems and has a massive advantage over anyone that can’t, you feel me?

Till next time

Go get feeling & it’ll be the real you you’re revealing.


Peter Cole   MAX Mindfulness





Mindfulness Fear Hacking at the Fun Fair

Have another mindfulness integration hack for you here, some of you will be able to try this out tonight.

Do you think a fun fair would be an excellent place to train people mindfulness?

I do

‘Safe’ fear around here

I’m proposing that a theme park or fun fair would be an excellent place to teach mindfulness because they are places that provoke feelings, regularly & predictably.

Various emotions are provoked but the overwhelming one will be fear of course. Its not the wild, desperate fear experienced from heavy real life, real danger, its more of a ‘safe’ fear where a part of us realizes its all OK really & we actually enjoy the experience because of it.

From my point of view, I’m seeing emotion that is duty bound to show up within my clients session, strong enough for them to notice it well but weak enough to keep me, admittedly tightly, within reasonable ethical guidelines.

Not that I know what they are of course, who does?

‘I’m afraid I don’t understand what the big deal is about feelings’

Of course there will be those of you reading this that aren’t aware of my thoughts towards feelings. In a nutshell, from training myself to notice, track, face, allow and then feel out my feelings of fear, as and when they surfaced during my days, I’ve now totally removed fear as a problem from my life and I do mean removed.

It was very simple looking back and seems too simple and easy but no ones really trying it that much from what I can find online but let me less the digress here.

Its the facing and feeling through of feelings of fear within our body that eventually sets a person fear-free. Lets go fear hunting!

If you wanna see rabbits, go see warren

I don’t just want to blandly explain feelings to people, I want to really know they know exactly what I’m talking about from having experienced it themselves and by coming to the fair we can do just that.

I’m pretty confident I’d have the most fun, productive day ever taking 20 clients around disney world, constantly using the experience to get them to understand exactly what it is they’re looking for and what to do when they’ve found it.

There’s a little a ‘test’ to evaluate whether they’re doing it right too.

The test is that when you face and fully feel through a feeling, you’ll know you’ve gotten it right when the quality of the feeling changes to something a lot less ‘heavy’ than it was just previously to giving it your full attention. Fully feeling a feeling, feels like completely releasing all your tension and just allowing all within you to bubble away and unfold anyway it wants.

Can you see why taking someone to fear would be more effective than describing it to them in a future or past tense. Its a no contest!

Also you’ll feel better from not thinking. If you are fully feeling physical sensations within your body with your full concentration, genuinely feeling, you will not be or able to think in those moments. From my experiences, thinking and feeling are opposite states. Its a hack in itself. If you need a crazy run of thoughts to go away, get feeling something and starve thought of attentional energy.

Success would mean…

That my clients would leave the rides not only knowing exactly how to face fear, but they would have long since in the day started and be actually quite proficient and even battle hardened by now.

They’ll be leaving as baby fear facers but they will definitely be fear facers, a people well on the road to discovering that life starts when you evolve past your fearsas I myself am finding to be true more and more each day.

Peter Cole   MAX Mindfulness

All Day Mindfulness hack======The Backdoor Training Method

This is my first mindfulness hack article so I’d like to clear something up for the over-thinkers straight away. Using the word hack is not meant to be flippant or to someway belittle the meditation process. There are hacks for many things, why would mindfulness be any different?

Using All Day Mindfulness means I have many hours of flight time for a reasonably young age. Its probably my young age too as to why I’ve even been thinking about mindfulness hacking. A lot is probably due to remembering just how hard mindfulness was to incorporate, not to mention how easy It could have been to have just binned it in its entirety!

I’m so sorry traditional thinking meditators, I actually and truly am.

Its just that mindfulness has managed to get the notoriously short attention spanned mainstream audiences attention. Coupled with the state of human affairs, there has never been a better time to make mindfulness and in particular All Day Mindfulness, open and available to as many people as possible. Yes, even the lazy ‘good for nothings’ who (I’m sure that many of us still to this day secretly believe) don’t deserve mindfulnesses bounty.

I can’t blame you for that any more than I could blame them for theirs. The exact best way to lose all of the public mindfulness acceptance gains we’ve made so far would be to make an us and them situation. Its a scenario that will come around all on its own if we’re not seeking to avoid it now by getting as many on board as can be gotten on board before they all get bored!

Speech over! Anyone would think I was perfect or something…

Here’s the hack attack mac

The ‘front door’ or the standard All Day Mindfulness life-integration approach is to train inner attention back into the moment and onto ourselves whenever we remember (it always drifting from ‘the now’ you see). Pure, traditional but tough. Doable with grit and heart but arduous nonetheless

How about an All Day Mindfulness life-integration hack using ‘backdoor’ methods? In essence the hack part is ‘cheating’ ADM into your life by actually using awareness when it’s needed the most; when you’re hurting from anger, stress or any of the other mental dis-eases that we suffer from.

With the back door method we use mindfulness to train ourselves to confront one or more of our inner problems, like anxiety, that may well pop up at anytime during the day. As we know, inner mental attention aimed at feelings of anxiety will pinpoint the source, as in the actual location in the body that the physical sensations of feelings are coming from.You’ll make the rest of this process much easier if you locate and aim your attention at that place.

keep your mental attention on that source and let yourself to ‘allow’ that feeling not only to exist but to unfold itself anyway it wants to. You can then move on to fully feel that feeling, whatever it may be. Feeling isn’t thinking and its a step beyond watching too. You quite literally become the feeling, twisting and turning as it stretches and folds. You move from watching the feeling from the outside to being the feeling from the inside. Get this right once and you’ll never forget how bike rider.

Quite difficult for me to describe, much easier to do

Do this and you’re dealing with anxiety or whatever using what is effectively deep meditation. While you’re busy tackling anxiety and concentrating hard on facing and feeling, you are by default practicing and incorporating All Day Mindfulness at the same time. Same thing, different approach.

Instead of doing it directly, you’re doing it indirectly but believe me you’re doing it. Keep it up.

You’ll find there are a lot of personal problems you could target, deal with and clock up ADM hours at the same time but we’ll come onto that in another article.

For now, pick  a recurring inner problem of yours; stress, jealousy, anger, whatever, just as soon as you notice the problem starting, drop your awareness into your body, find the physical source of that feeling, allow it, and then feel it fully.

  • Not only will this mean thinking ceases(feelings seems to be the opposite of thinking)
  • or that you’re finally dealing with your emotions
  • It also means your ADM muscle is growing stronger and stronger. It won’t need training wheels forever as it’ll grow strong enough in time to propel you forwards from direct use.

Remember, All Day Mindfulness exists to make you more aware of you and the world around you. Any time you make yourself aware by focusing your complete, silent, watchful attention onto something, you’re using ADM. Its a simple, natural state we’ve forgotten to use so much and a little effort will see that straight.

Go work hard, find those feelings and shock the hell out of them by not only recognizing and allowing them but by becoming and riding them out into the sunlight.

Bad feelings crumble in sunlight like movie vampires, they just can’t stand the heat.

Dry it yourself


Peter Cole   MAX MIndfulness

Moving from Mindfulness talk to walk

Sorry for the absence guys, I really am. To be totally honest, writing those first 20 posts really made me look at myself harder than ever before. I’ve been doing some serious mindfulness of late and my life is changing once more.

I literally just quit my construction job to go for it and start my mindfulness career full. I’ve been reaching out for a while now, looking for anyone interested in my mindfulness concepts but I’m not getting the traction needed. To solve this I’ve decided it would be a good idea to move to London and start meeting persons of interest wholesale.

Mindfulness, for me, is turning out to be a double edged sword. On one side, there is the lack of fear I enjoy, having mindfully encountered and processed fear feelings in times gone by. The other side is how that portrays through my character. I’m starting to realize that my enthusiasm and confidence often work to scare people off online and its as annoying to me as it is amusing, but it is.

Perhaps contributing to this is my total no-one status. I guess its a big ask to get proper attention when you’re claiming you can revolutionize mindfulness when you’re an unqualified ex construction worker. Its true, I do have plans to revolutionize mindfulness but I’ve not yet met anyone akin to considering it literally, I’ll be working on that in London.

Another obstacle I will be looking to surmount is the qualifications problem. This is another annoying/amusing area for me as I find myself stock full of ultra modern all day mindfulness advice, emotional intelligence and the care required to issue it but I’m unable to do so because I have no paperwork to back me up. I have no budget whatsoever, so an initial task will be to find an individual or company who will help me attain a qualification in exchange for something useful from me. Although I have ideas and concepts to work on, I really need a mindfulness day job in order to live!

As mentioned, I’m going to be trying to gain some sort of backing or interest off a London based individual or company for my mindfulness concepts. I have no idea how many crackpots arrive in London claiming outrageous things so I’m going in blind…but I’m going in. For anyone interested, here’s some of the mindfulness business/services’products I’m working on. They’re all based on all day mindfulness and they will all be as down to earth and modernly written as they possibly can be. Mindfulness can be for everyone and I intend to prove just that.

I will be looking to bring to life some or all of these mindfulness services

  • Worlds most powerful meditation app
  • Learn all day mindfulness daily text trainer
  • Individual training using my own methods
  • Group training using my own methods
  • Corporate training using my own methods
  • Wearable tech, all day mindfulness top
  • All day mindfulness classes taught inside local karate/mma dojos and gyms
  • Xtreme sports mindfulness training (fear feelings easily spotted)
  • Mindfulness hotline
  • Online mindfulness trouble shooter
  • Fear removal training (its not as hard as you would imagine)
  • Mindfulness dating service
  • Mindfulness long distance training using my methods
  • Bespoke mindfulness life integration reports
  • Mindfulness buddy service
  • 1 week my methods mindfulness ‘crash’ course using advanced methods
  • The All Day Mindfulness Centre – A HQ and non think tank for no BS hardcore mindfulness studies

I could go on but that’s probably enough for now. Those are not just titles. A recurring theme through all of them will be how effectively & BS free the all day mindfulness concepts are presented as well as how effective my original training techniques are also. Here’s hoping somebody has a mind open enough, wish me luck or hook me up guys, I’ve never needed a help more than I do now!

Peter Cole   MAX Mindfulness


How will All Day Mindfulness change you? Communication

For some, the devil really is in the detail

I’ve lost count of the amount of posts I’ve seen where people are saying that a mindfulness journey is unique to an individual and that we shouldn’t/can’t share what to expect in detail for reasons varied to vague

Of course your journey will be unique but in wider brush strokes there are benefits common to us all and that’s why I can have a good go at ‘predicting’ the changes you will see after learning and incorporating Anytime Mindfulness into your life. Learn more about that here

That’s a phone voice way of saying I know whats going to happen and I’m gonna tell you in detail because you want to know and I want to tell ya. If you’re a rebel at all, be happy, its rule breaking time. There seems to be a perception that you can’t share such detailed details, as if they might cloud you with expectation or something else plausible sounding yet equally daft.

Every cloud…

Perhaps that’s a problem elsewhere but it won’t be here because we’ll have a game plan, we’ll learn what to do for when things are needed to be done. There’s Mindfulness V Thoughts  and Mindfulness V Feelings  right here if you want some more background.

Any ‘cloud’ that may form will indeed have a silver lining because… know someone is feeling clouded and confused they’d have to be at least aware of it happening inside themselves to report it right?.

If you’re aware and you know its their, take the third step and stop, stand and stare.

If you feel clouded it means something is present wanting and waiting to be felt. This is very good news indeed, because a negative can now become a positive. You have a feeling to train with, to practice locating and to learn to allow, watchfully of course.

Simple as Simon in many ways

There will be so many benefits you’ll gain over your all day mindfulness career I’ll have to give you just one for now. Today I’d like to concentrate on speech and communication, excellent markers that would easily lend themselves to before and after testing to measure mindfulness improvements for the scientists out there.

Having lived this i can without qualm tell you what will one day be science fact. All Day Mindfulness drastically improves overall communication ability and, for me, still continues to offer more and more the further I’m taking it.

This is what I mean about generic characteristics. You and me may communicate about different things in different ways. Whats common to us is that a byproduct of practicing ADM is a continual and automatic upgrading of our ability to get our point across, however that may be.

To bring this to life I’ll tell you when I first noticed something very different coming from me…

Word Jackpot

I was having a heated discussion with a lad when I was about 22 but I surprised myself on this occasion. All i can say was that I opened my mouth and listened as the best words I’d ever spoken fell out of my mouth. Don’t get me wrong I don’t mean Shakespearean quotes or something they were just words that I immediately recognized as different not to mention effective not to mention new.

I wasn’t trying to speak better, I just found that’s what was happening, I’m sure science will catch up with all this one day soon enough. Look to your voice and the day will come where you speak your own proof back into your own ears like I did. Feels great when you get a little bit of evidence.

Until that day stay with me. I hope you’re starting to put this all into practice, you owe it to yourself to get to really know yourself!

Peter Cole MAX Mindfulness

All Day Mindfulness for…..Successful, rich or famous people

Victims of success

Fortunately for me and especially for you I am none of the above. You successful people are in grave danger and you don’t even realize it, you are blinded and distracted by what you have made with your life, quite understandably.

Its going to take one without to show those with what they’ve missed. Don’t make the mistake of judging me until you have heard what I came here to tell you, I wouldn’t waste your time with trivia.

it is imperative you read this because you represent one of the hardest group of people to bring mindfulness to being as you have some of the most difficult blocks to mindfulness to overcome; your success, your intelligence, your ego and your schedule.

  • Success   Success provides a very effective shield for hiding character flaws from both other people and yourself. Don’t let it blind you from you.
  • Intelligence  Gets right in the way. Intelligence without awareness is a big problem causer especially in people who spend their days in their heads, in thoughts alone, always. Overthinking could wreck this for you. How smart do you need to be to see this is just about recognizing and allowing your own thoughts and feelings, nothing more.
  • Ego Easily the biggest block for the greatest number of successful people. It gets so far in the way it becomes the way. So sad. Turn that thing off in here please, it hates talk like this, it only likes its own plans plus mindfulness places you over it once more..
  • Schedule Successful people are too busy. Rubbish.  All I can say is you will never find a better way to manage your schedule than incorporating All Day Mindfulness into your life. You just get very calm and flexible, in time. Very calm & flexible actually.

Your multitasking ability shoots up as well as your ability to truly listen to people. All this really bring the best out your colleagues and they become open and calm around you. Talk about leadership skills.

One, all or any, these blocks come with your territory and a few are double edged as we can see but did you before?. You probably never noticed the other edge because your swords always in a blur. You’re a grafter, tough and relentless and you don’t stop.

I’m not Lion when I say you gotta be tough Tiger 

To advance with All day mindfulness
toughness and relentlessness are two highly sought after personal qualities ranking right up there with ‘not lying to yourself’.

Take it from someone who knows about such things. You’re a bit of a paradox. On one hand you already possess the qualities of an advantaged meditator, you’re tough and relentless. Many people would have to meditate a long time just to build up to the levels of toughness and relentlessness that you already enjoy. You have everything you need in the truest sense to just go for it but you have to also consider the other hand and those unique and tricky blocks that are stopping you from starting your mindfulness practice.

If you can solve the problem of your blocks to mindfulness you are setting yourself up for more success, the ultimate success; true self mastery. Your resources + true self mastery = A life like one from a fiction novel…..written by you.

Its not the strict, forced, fake, deluded, inconsistent or even well trained, well considered self mastery you see everywhere in business. That’s too energy consuming as well as distracting to ‘maintain’. Its no wonder to me now why so many successful people have a hint of fake about them, no offence intended. Their attention is flitting back and forth monitoring what is basically a construct of a person, one designed to conform, In the business setting at least, I’m sure they’re just a dream at home

The self mastery I’m offering for you to take through mindfulness, requires nothing to sustain once its gained. in fact its not a gain. Its whats lying under all the junk that makes you up,

That wasn’t directed solely at you either, we’re all made up of junk that can be jettisoned once we know how, follow this blog and read the rest of my posts, you won’t get it clearer or more direct than here. My point is that no matter how successful, rich or famous you are, if you haven’t learnt to discard inner dead weight you are not half the person you could be.

If you’re amazing now, how amazing could you be?

I should be giving you a bit of a clue about what mindfulness offers in terms of ‘confidence’. Here I am as I said, none of the above yet Its not a concern…for me. How many successful, rich or famous people would disregard me out of hand for this lack of any obvious credentials? A foolish thing indeed because I wouldn’t be here telling you about what your missing without having once found it for myself.

If I had ‘made it’ earlier in my life I would have had no reason to put as much effort into practice as I have done. I’m lucky I had nothing. You can be luckier and have everything with everything, if you can do it, you deserve it because it can only be earned.

Peter Cole   MAX Mindfulness


Stressed? Find out how All Day Mindfulness will help you

Get up, get stressed, go down stairs

Stress is something I understand well. I’ve been stressed many, many times, its definitely one of the more difficult personality traits to deal with. The reason for this is because we only start trying to deal with our stress when we start feeling stressed and by then its too late. Stress, for the stressed, is best dealt with when you’re not stressed.

I’ll give everyone of you stressed folks a mindfulness shortcut to dealing with your stress before this article is finished. You’ll just have to pay to make it work……with effort of course. Read the ‘secrets’ of all day mindfulness
for a little context if you like.

Perhaps you’re wondering how the hell I can help you with your particular niche stress through this one generic article. Don’t stress because I don’t need your specifics as I’ll explain in a wickle minute. Anyway, I won’t be the one fixing your brain engine, I’ll just be showing you how to fix it yourself because realistically nobody else can do it for you, no-one else has access! its all down to you so listen up for real live truth, you know the kinda stuff they should have taught us all at school.

You’re stressed out because you’re stressed in (side)

Everybody has thoughts and feelings and anybody who gets stressed is getting it in the neck from and through those same two inner channels. This is why I can help anyone of you with your stress whatever it maybe because I am a thoughts and feelings specialist. I know how to deal with them now as well as why I should from what has happened when I have.

Instead of trying to work out your particular stress by thinking, mulling it over and ‘changing’ for two days like you always have done, I want to propose to a different tactic, one that you could start using this very day. Its working wonders for me.  A little background for the uninitiated.


My style of meditation, All Day Mindfulness, simply means meditating anytime, anyplace, whenever, while you go, it doesn’t have to be it just can be, you make the rules, its a ‘what you put in you get out’ sort of thing. Do it when you are feeling your very best if that.s the only time you can. Doing some of it is worth billions more than doing none of it. Here and there are separated by quite a distance. Mindfulness the gap! (I recommend putting your heart and soul into it but that’s just me)

To do it we look inside ourselves (or meditate, means the same) using our minds eye anytime during the day. We look at our thoughts and we notice and feel out our feelings as they arise, we watch ourselves as we go. No-one will know you’re doing it.

Yes, when you start incorporating it into your life, it will take a little time to mesh as something your truly familiar and comfortable with but it is worth the effort of anyone who truly feels the need to be able to properly calm down and be able to enjoy life rather than dread it when all else has failed, or sooner, if they’re smart!

There are many stress relief methods out there but I can easily argue the case for all day mindfulness being the best and most effective ‘treatment’ for stress possible. In fact, from what I am finding, you’re stressed because you don’t use all day mindfulness. There is no con when i say that, what I’m calling all day mindfulness simply means you knowing you.

In another post I’ll help my stressed friends out with mindfulness and thoughts based aspects, in fact you can check out some here if you want, Mindfulness V Thoughts  this article is for something else.

I said I had a shortcut for you and I do.

Go for the feelings

Learn to feel feelings as a matter of priority. Feelings are causing you trouble. If you clear through them you will find less distracting you when you look up and into your mind.

As we’ve looked at before in Mindfulness V Feelings  feelings that were formed during events previous in your life that went unfelt at the time, stayed with you and are reoccurring when you’re stressed (and other times). They are the cause and/or agitate many of your negative thoughts and  can cloud you from the fact that you are expecting too much amongst other contributory things. Remember they will stay with until you simply stop and feel the feelings out, whenever in the day they arise.

Its not as silly as it sounds.

The fact it sounds silly is silly. Feelings are a really big deal, dealing with them will lower your stress faster than going to thoughts as a solution first because as we’ve said, these feelings are causing much of your head trouble. Learn to feel your feelings whenever you notice them. Actively look for them and get used to feeling them. You’ll find it easier when you’re not stressed though if you can do it while you’re stressed you’ll actually gain a whole lot more from it all! You can really see the real you when you’re angry.

Peter Cole MAX Mindfulness




All Day Mindfulness for…..Children & Teenagers

There’s a lot of chat online at the moment about whether mindfulness could be taught in schools. On one side are the mindfulness professionals and on the other are confused and mistrusting mums and dads. Here’s—–>me<—-in the middle (hi)

No wonder Mum & Dad are confused, so am I whenever I see or hear explanations about mindfulness both online or off. Its with no offence meant that I say this and to reiterate, Its with no offence meant! Its just about how it comes across on websites, articles and the responses on online forums from well meaning contributors. It copies as confusing and more than a little out of touch with Mum & Dads experiences and terminology, no wonder they mistrust it,

All the background you need on all day mindfulness is here with further breakdowns in my All Day Mindfulness Training category.

I’ll take it you know from this point about mindfulness target areas; the body, thoughts and feelings, how we reach to them, what to ‘do’ with them when we find them and the like? If not read the link, its written in very simple & direct terms, you could experiment with it your self today, you know, a get your own ‘proof’ sort of thing.

As you now know we meditate to remove old and outdated thought patterns and to fully feel out the feeling(s) that may be present within us. We do this by actively directing our inner focus onto either our head or our body, just watching and/or feeling whatever pops up inside us, basically learning to simply listen to ourselves.

As I’ve said before, negative thoughts can be dealt with from the head but its the feelings (physical sensations in the upper body for the new to feelings-men) that accompany negative thoughts that provide a ‘short cut’ to dealing with those pesky voices, in a 99.99% bleach removing style. I’m not deluded, lying or kidding, I’ve lived it. You just have to spend enough time noticing, focusing and feeling them as they surface over the days and months.

Thing is, why did I have all these trapped feeling in the first place?

A lot of our trapped feelings are layed down during childhood. Something happens to generate a significant feeling which is actually demanding to be felt and is ready to ride with you until you do. If a child knew about & used mindfulness they would feel that feeling right then and then to avoid the potential future problems but its not like that at all….

In fact its just about as far from that as it can get. Its not even like feeling out feelings is banned and we have to overthrow an evil regime to be liberated.

Its worse than that.

Its just not known about. As someone who understands the powerful effects that facing & releasing trapped feelings causes, I find it remarkable all are not taught to notice, stop & then allow a feeling that’s calling from within them to be heard and to be felt rather than miss/ignore & let it keep returning and causing trouble.

Its not even a down tools thing when you become proficient. I can and do allow and feel out my feelings as I go. It becomes intuitive after enough practice and kids learn real quick.

To go back over my crazy scheme to ‘brainwash’ kids with mindfulness, I‘m simply saying to you try to teach your kids to notice and give pause to their feelings. Yes you macho dads too. If you want your kids to be the toughest, bravest and smartest they can be, get them to notice and allow their feelings, especially after trauma.

Remember, its trauma from their point of view.

If you can help incorporate this, admittedly rather simple, awareness of feelings in your kids, you are going to create a new generation of people who can truly move forward from not being held back. They say that every feeling felt and released, releases back to you the energy it required to sustain itself. Think about that. How much of their energy could they save if they get used to feeling on the spot and in the moment, facing feelings as they come by.

Think about it good mum and dad

your the best no matter what x

Peter Cole MAX Mindfulness